Outstanding professional in all aspects of music. Josh outdid himself with the master he was able to provide, as this record is now ready to be heard by the world. I highly recommend Josh as his communication, patience, character, and skills are impeccable. You are truly getting the best of the best when hiring him.

- Chris Val,
Reveil Music

Josh exceeded my expectations. I've been experimenting with a lot of different mixing engineers recently, and I'm so happy to have finally stumbled upon Josh. His attention to detail, communication, musicality, technical skills, and warmth made him such a pleasure to work with. I think Josh is very good at bringing out the true emotion of the song while supporting it with an incredible mix. HIGHLY recommended if you want your music to sound better than you could ever imagine.

-Michael Lynn,
Recording Artist

Josh has the vantage point of a musician and the technical expertise of a seasoned producer/engineer. This combination has made it so fun to work with and learn from Josh. He has incredible talent and knows how to get the best out of every artist that he records.


- drew Daniels, 

A five star rating still can't define the experience I've had with Josh Woods. His knowledge of the music industry is one thing, but it's the genuine care he has for his clients in addition to his skill that makes him unique. Josh puts in 100% and refuses to settle for anything but the best sound. I highly recommend giving him a shot.

- Lucidious,
Recording Artist

This humble, very talented gentleman is someone I will be grateful to all of my days. Together we produced 44 tracks of tunes I’ve written over the years. Josh has skills - arranging, mixing, listening, and efficacy are at the top in my view.

- Mark Lehnhoff, Singer/Songwriter